Daniel Raus is a Czech journalist, and author of several books of poetry and interwiews.

Until July 2015, he was the editor-in-chief of Czech Radio Plus. Prior to that, he led Czech Radio 6 and worked for Radio Free Europe (RFE) for many years, in both its Czech and Slovak broadcasting.

Since the split of Czechoslovakia in 1993 he was the Bratislava correspondent working for the Czech section of Radio Free Europe. When RFE moved from Munich to Prague in 1995, he joined the Slovak desk, commenting on international politics.

In 2004 he joined Czech Public Radio, continued to write about international politics. For three and half years he was also responsible for religious broadcasting in the Czech Radio.

While in Slovakia, he also wrote for a weekly named Domino, which published his profile interviews with interesting personalities.

He has published several books and recordings.

Currently, he works for non-profit organization energeia o.p.s. 


Audiobook: Job – Man judges God

The old book in a new rewritten poetic form. Original music was composed by Grammy Award winner Hubert Bittman. The recording, directed by Lukáš Hlavica, was made with well-known Czech actors. In this version, the story of Job is surprisingly current. When you listen to it, you begin to see the old text in completely new light. 


Book: Psalms – David and his blues

Psalms were originaly songs. Their musical side was lost, what we have now is only the text. But what we can be sure of is that they were artistically very impressive. They had a style. The „godfather“ of that style is king David, although many psalms are accredited to others. The psalms are his antient blues. For him, it was no theory, rather an existential statement between life and death.



Audiobook: Song of Songs

One of the most optimistic and most positive books ever written. Song of Songs is full of hope, expectations and love. Thanks to a new paraphrase, imaginative direction and impressive music, it is incredibly lively. You can experience its beauty and atmosphere in a completly new way. Whether it is considered love poetry or a text with spiritual meaning, its message is clear: love gives meaning to everything around us.



Book: Song

A book of spiritual poetry. Part of it was written during communism and published as a „samizdat“, which was an unofficial underground publishing system during the totalitarian regime. It reflects the atmosphere and faith of the times of oppression. After the fall of communism (in 1989), Daniel Raus added new parts to the book. It was published in Czech and English in 2000. 





Book: Job – Man judges God

There are moments when we feel like we are losing everything. The book of Job is about these moments. It is also written in a very interesting form, resembling ancient theater at some points. One of the main parts of the book is a discussion between Job and his friends about pain and suffering. The ending of the book is surprising indeed.