Book: Song

It took 12 years to write the book Song. The first part was published as a „samizdat“, which was the unofficial underground publishing system during the communist regime. The original title was „That’s why I played you this song“. The tiny book was designed by Slovak artist Julo Nagy and it included illustrations by Slovak painter Jaro Beliš.

After the collapse of the totalitarian regime (1989), Daniel Raus added new poems and the book Song was finally published with the subtitle „Prayers from Prague and other places“ in 2000. It contains 144 poems (12 x 12) and it exists in both a Czech and an English version. Daniel Raus worked on the English translation with Gwen Harmston.

At the moment, a new Czech version is in the works. It will include music by Hubert Bittman and illustrations by Kateřina Bittman. Porta libri plans to publish it in 2018.

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if you want to change the world
first change your soul
when you succeed
you've changed the world