Authors of the recordings


Daniel Raus

It took fifteen years before the poetic rewriting of all five of the Biblical poetic books were ready for print and recording. The whole proces started with Song of Songs, and continued with Psalms, Job, Ecclesiastes and finaly Proverbs. The experience was always the same: the ancient Hebrew poetry in these books is incredibly strong and beautiful. No wonder it was so popular in the old times. So the goal for the recordings was obvious: to do our best to introduce it again in all its beauty, richness and intensity.


Hubert Bittman

The author of the music and also the final mix of the recordings. His experience was already very wide; he worked on various recordings with a number of well-known musicians, composed music to many films, and had numerous professional achievements, including winning a Grammy Award. Yet, the idea of creating these audiobooks was a new challenge for him. When the actors were recorded and the audio with their voices was finished in the DAMU studios, Hubert started working on the original music. Most of the musicians were recorded in Germany, following which the demanding process of finishing every piece and fine tuning it with the text began. He was also responsible for the final postproduction. Hubert worked on the audiobooks for one year. More info here.


Lukáš Hlavica

When Lukáš agreed to work on the project, it was obvious, that his imprint on the recordings would be very strong. As a director, he came with many ideas concerning the text. He chose the actors and gave the whole process a new dimension. His ambition went beyond a perfectly proffesional performance of the actors; he wanted their deep involvement and expressions of very intimate emotions. For that reason, he always worked with just one actor in the studio, often recording many versions of the same passage. That made the process of the final composing very difficult and complex. But the result is well worth of it. Lukáš also contributed his unmistakable voice to several of the audiobooks.


Audiobooks of Biblical poetry:
Job – Man judges God
Song of Songs – Fifty shades of love
Ecclesiastes – Solomon‘s grail
Psalms – David and his blues
Proverbs – Wisdom and her banquet