Audiobook: Job – Man judges God

If there is a God, why do the innocent suffer? This classic question was not first asked by an atheist or an agnostic; it‘s from the Bible. Job asks this question when he finds himself in the most terrible condition. He loses absolutely everything, his world collapses and he goes through the greatest suffering that man could ever imagine in his time.
Job was once a very succesful man; wealthy, respected and religious. Things went so well. But then something happened. Something he would never understand. All of a sudden his concept of God is gone. What happens next? That is one of the questions this unique book looks at.
The CD recording is the result of a very creative team that combined a new paraphrase of the text with current music and a stellar performance by the actors. Daniel Raus worked on the script for several years, mainly in 2010 and 2011. The main recording took place in the autumn of 2015, under the direction of Lukáš Hlavica. In the months following, Hubert Bittman composed and recorded the music. The CD was finaly published December 1st, 2015.
Ivan Trojan as Job
Viktor Preiss as God
Lukáš Hlavica
Dana Černá
Jan Vlasák
Petr Pelzer
Igor Bareš
Matouš Ruml

Producer and publisher: energeia o.p.s.

   Sample (first 10 minutes in Czech with English subtitles)

   Pictures from the recording 

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   The book: Job – Man judges God

   Daniel Raus on the book of Job