Job - pictures from the recording









Key roles: Job - Ivan Trojan, God - Viktor Preiss.

From the very beginning, it was obvious that key roles in the recording are Job and God. The conflict between them is the backbone of the whole piece. The director, Lukáš Hlavica, chose excellent and very well known Czech actors for these two roles; Ivan Trojan as Job and Viktor Preiss as God. They breathed real life into the recording. Yet, Lukáš Hlavica wanted them not only for their proffesional perfection, but also for their deep human involvement. Thanks to them, listening to the CD is an exceptional experience.
















When Job loses everything and is completely down, three of his friends come to visit him. In the beginning they are touched by his fate. They cannot even recognize him. They sit in silence by his side. But then they start a long discussion with Job about his suffering and in the process of arguing, their views begin to differ more and more from those of Job. Everything ends up in a bitter conflict. Finally, they leave Job alone. That becomes the moment for the new kid on the block: young Elihu, who is full of enthusiasm but short of experience and wisdom. The three friends are portrayed by Petr Pelzer, Jan Vlasák and Igor Bareš, and the young activist by Matouš Ruml. Their interactions with Job are a true real celebration of the actors‘ craft.









Dana Černá has a very short, but also very important role as Job’s wife. She deals a heavy blow to him in a moment when both are desparate. Lukáš Hlavica has a double role as both the narrator and satan. His fabulous voice contributes significantly to the sound of the recording.









A little glimps into the studio DAMU. Jitka Kundrumová was responsible for the high quality of sound. She spent long hours in the studio together with the director, Lukáš Hlavica. They worked only with one actor at a time in the studio, which made it very demanding for both of them in the control room.


Photo: Anna Švihlová
Taken in the DAMU studios, in September 2015